“Everything that can be automated will be automated”

Robert Cannon


3D Printing

3D Printer Services. Want to rapid prototype our solution? You can your skills to draw and print your parts.


We bring your IoT projects from idea to prototype and then to reality fast and reliable way.

Our Services

3D Printing

3D Printer Services. Send to us your file in format STL


If you have a concept proof to do or test an idea, talk to us. We do hardware and software prototyping.



We have experience in the most various solutions for remote management of Temperature, Humidity, Luminosity, Flow, Energy consumption and Outdoor and Indoor localization. For the health area, we also include monitoring of movements and heartbeats.




Our projects were mainly focused on solutions for Agriculture, Location and Storage and Mining Industry.

What is Makers

Makers is your online shop for DIY. Local stock at the best price.


Rapid Prototyping

We can transform your idea in a real thing. We can rapidly test the concept in order to deliver a working prototype.

Hardware Development

We can also do hardware development, choose the right components, desgnin the pcb and assemble the final result.

Local Development

Most of the development is done localy. No waiting times. we have several prototyping tools that enable us to produce fast results.